Vermont Tech Launching Brattleboro LNA program

After many months of preparation and planning the Vermont Technical College Southeast Region is initiating our first LNA program! Our hope is this program will not only serve to attract future nurses to our nursing programs but more importantly prepare nursing assistants for work in our local facilities.

Our goal is to offer at least two and up to four courses each year. Each course will be seven weeks long and consist of three days a week of class/lab and clinical. Each day will be 7 hours in length. The class and lab will be here on the Brattleboro campus and clinical will be at Pine Heights of Brattleboro. Connie White, RN, a VTC ADN graduate, will be our primary instructor and, as enrollment allows, we will be looking for another instructor or two to take the students to additional clinical sites. At this time we anticipate one group of nine students. If we have more than nine students enroll we will add another site.

We are planning on starting our first course on June 24 and end on August 9. We are planning an open house in early May.  Register through the Vermont Technical College Continuing Education & Workforce Development web-page and look for more updates and heath care related career pathway information through Windham Career Connections.