Career Readiness for All

In the Winter of 2018 and 2019, eight regional educators and career service providers received their nationally recognized Career Development Facilitation (CDF) certification.  The professional training was a collaboration between the Windham Regional Career Center, Castleton State University and the Community College of Vermont.  Several participants received graduate school credit for the 120 hour credential.

  • Jenifer Course, Brattleboro Union High School
  • Ann Doran, Windham Regional Career Center
  • Clark Johnson, Landmark College
  • David Justice, Vermont Adult Learning
  • Sarah Knight, Center for Technology Essex
  • Leigh Marthe, Community College of Vermont
  • Jessica Nelson, Landmark College
  • Cari Papp, Center for Technology Essex

Their accomplishments address a very serious issue within secondary and post-secondary education.  Too many students leave high school with very little career guidance and many more enter college without a clear idea of how the complexities of the economy impact program of study and future employment.

The Coalition of Career Development is the leading national advocate for professional career development within our schools and service agencies.  Several states have mandated the CDF credential for practicing career counselors.  Standards and best practices are a much-needed framework.

William Symonds comprehensive report for Career Readiness for All is an important read for workforce and education.

By Drew McDowell
Drew McDowell Director of Adult Education/Assistant Director WRCC Drew McDowell