The Stone Trust Recognized by VT AOE CTE

The Stone Trust of Dummerston, Vermont is one of two credentialing centers for Dry Stone Walling in North America.  For the past decade, the non-profit organization has established itself as a nationally known training center for industry professionals.  In May of 2019, the Vermont Agency of Education, Career & Technical Education, recognized The Dry Stone Walling Association Level 1 training as a state approved Industry Recognized Credential.  Licensed Landscape Architect, Certified Dry Stone Master Craftsman and Dry Stone Instructor, DSWA, Brian Post is the Executive Director of The Stone Trust.  Brian and WRCC Adult CTE have been collaborating to offer an Adult Workforce program in the Spring of 2020.  We are pleased that The Stone Trust was recognized by the state and that the very successful southern Vermont based institution can increase its capacity to serve Vermonters.

By Drew McDowell
Drew McDowell Director of Adult Education/Assistant Director WRCC Drew McDowell