Graduating from High School? Time to apply to enroll in fall classes at CCV–Brattleboro

With so many students graduating from high school in these past few weeks, we know it might be an overwhelming time when you and your family might be thinking “What’s next?”  If you think it is too late for college in the fall, think again.  We encourage you to come in and talk with us about how to make college affordable and accommodate your new life as a high school graduate by enrolling in classes at CCV-Brattleboro.

Application is simple, on-line, and free.  It takes most people no more than 15 minutes to fill out the form at

Next steps:

  • Once the application is complete, you will call the CCV Brattleboro campus at 802-254-6370 to schedule a New Student Appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your goals and specific steps for enrolling.
  • We’ll have you take the Accuplacer Assessment if you haven’t taken the SAT or ATC exams.  Again, this assessment is free of charge for all applicants.
  • Consider your payment options including applying for financial aid (grants, loans, and scholarships)
  • Browse our fall courses and choose a schedule and program that works best for you.

We look forward to meeting you soon and helping you take next steps to find your way into college and the career that matches your interests and skills.


By Leigh Marthe
Leigh Marthe Coordinator for Academic Services Leigh Marthe