Building a 21st Century Workforce in the Construction Trades


Windham Regional Career Center Adult CTE and the Sustainable Energy Outreach Network (SEON) have joined forces to create a credentialing program in the construction trades that focuses on core skills for the work site while introducing students to important concepts within the building sciences. 

The state of Vermont is struggling to address workforce shortages in just about every major industry.  At the same time, the pace of change and the need for advanced technical training within the trades can leave the career seeker wondering where to start.  Through collaboration, SEON and WRCC want to help provide options that benefit both industry and the individual.

Students will have the opportunity to earn three Industry Recognized Credentials in one 80-hour Class.  For more information, visit NCCER Basic Construction & High Performance Building Class.

WRCC Construction Trades faculty John DiMatteo and green building consultant Peter Yost, principal of Building-Wright will team up to teach the course.

The class provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to learn more about SEON’s Building Science Guild and a network of builders, artisans and sustainable practice advocates that are actively changing an industry and looking to identify the next generation of creative builders.  At the conclusion of the class, a networking event for participants and industry leaders will be held.

For more information about the class, green building, NCCER test-outs and opportunities within the construction trades contact Guy Payne, Executive Director of SEON.

For information about registration and financial assistance for tuition, contact Drew McDowell, Adult CTE Coordinator WRCC.

Contact VSAC Outreach Counselor, Suzy Wagner for financial assistance for qualified applicants through the VSAC non-Degree Grant.

The offering is also on the Vermont Department of Labor Eligible Provider Training list.  For support through the DOL, contact Kathryn Knaeble, Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act Case Manager., 802-257-2583.

The training and collaboration presents the beginning of a series of offerings through WRCC Adult CTE that address the important concept of being work ready and future ready.

By Drew McDowell
Drew McDowell Director of Adult Education/Assistant Director WRCC Drew McDowell