Opportunities in Early Childhood Education VT

The state of Vermont is responding to a major economic, social and workforce issue in Early Childhood Education.  Regionally, Winston Prouty, and the Child Care Counts initiative have started to tackle the challenges on multiple fronts including working with employers, educators and providers.

Opportunities to enter the field of Early Childhood Education are available for career seekers.  This Fall the Windham Regional Career Center is pleased to be offering it’s annual Fall class in Fundamentals for Early Childhood EducationThe course provides an opportunity to complete the Level I certification for the nationally recognized Child Development Associate credential and is offered at a special discounted rate of $25Melissa Mroz-Gaskill will teach the course.  This credential provides flexibility for both immediate employment opportunities and continuing education through Level II and III course work and apprenticeship or entering an associates degree program through CCV.

The Community College of Vermont is also offering an accelerated online Early Childhood certificate.

The Agency of Education is sponsoring course work for licensed educators in Early Childhood.

Please see the attached documents from the Vermont Higher Education Collaborative.

By Drew McDowell
Drew McDowell Director of Adult Education/Assistant Director WRCC Drew McDowell