SEON WRCC Launch High Performance Building Program

John DiMatteo and Guy Payne have been working intently for over a year on linking two very important virtues within the construction trades – core skills and green building.  The mission of professional organizations like The Sustainable Energy Outreach Network and the Windham Regional Career Center overlap in a multitude of ways.  On February 13th, the collaboration delivered it’s first adult CTE class at WRCC to the public.  Students will earn three industry recognized credentials in the trades by the time they are done.  In addition, instructor John DiMatteo has been working with area construction companies to “test out” incumbent workers in the National Center for Construction Education Research core skills component.  All of these efforts by Guy and John lead towards more regional trades people being exposed to the teachings of sustainable building experts like Peter Yost and SEON’s High Performance Building program.  When the program is complete, fifteen regional trades people will be exposed to WRCC & SEON and receive important workforce credentials.  For more information about SEON’s “Building Science Guild” and the High Performance Building apprenticeship program contact Guy Payne.

By Drew McDowell
Drew McDowell Director of Adult Education/Assistant Director WRCC Drew McDowell