Edward A. Lyon Trust Scholarship Application

The Edward A. Lyon Trust

Brattleboro, Vermont

June 2018

Purpose of The Edward A. Lyon Trust:

Grants from the Edward A. Lyon Trust are given specifically to young people residing in Windham County, Vermont, for the purpose of assisting them in acquiring Career Technical Education (CTE).  For example; Health Care L.P.N., EMT, Dental Hygiene Technician, HVAC, CDL, Early childhood, Building Trades and on the job training.  Funds from the Lyon Trust may not be granted for the purpose of pursuing a four-year academic program leading to a Bachelor’s Degree.

Who administrates the Scholarships?

By the terms of Mr. Edward A. Lyon’s will, a committee of three Windham County clergy; a Roman Catholic priest, an Episcopal priest, and a Protestant minister administer the scholarships.  Clergy presently serving on the Scholarship Committee are:

Rev.  Carra Bradt – Pastor, Centre Congregational Church

Rev. Fr. James Dobson – St. Michael Catholic Church

The Rev. Mary D. Lindquist – St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

Is there an age limit?

All applicants must be under the age of 30 years of age at the time of application to The Edward A. Lyon Trust.

How often are the Scholarships granted and for how much?

Scholarships are awarded for one term or semester only and are limited to $1000-$3000, each application, depending on individual circumstances.  Scholarships may be renewed each term or semester by re-applying.  Funds, as available, are also awarded at any time on a special need basis.

When are the applications reviewed?

Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee at the end of June and November for the upcoming terms.  Please send in applications by June 1st, or November 15th in order to be considered.

Who receives priority?

Priority will be given to those students demonstrating motivation, self-reliance, learning aptitude and personal initiative and who are making a demonstrable financial commitment to their own education.  Students working with the regional adult VSAC Outreach Counselor and are also engaging the VSAC non-degree grant process are encouraged to apply.

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